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Snowdonia Cheese

Made with pride, bursting with character.

The Snowdonia Cheese Company was established in 2001 with the aim of creating a luxury range of cheeses, and found immediate success at farmers’ markets. Within months its cheeses were being stocked by fine food delicatessens and grocers, and its distinctive wax-coated truckles are now widely recognized, popping up on menus and as award winners in prestigious cheese competitions. Set in North Wales amid the rugged beauty of Snowdonia, the company takes cheese brought down from the valley, and with the finest ingredients and care, produces its distinctive range of cheeses. Options range from Black Bomber – a mature Cheddar – through to Red Devil, a classic Red Leicester warmed with a hit of chilli. Other choices include the award-winning Pickle Power – a mature Cheddar with a pickled onion tang; and Ruby Mist – a mature Cheddar with warming hints of Port and Brandy. These are great cheeses to eat as they are or melted onto toast.