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Juniper Fizz Claimed

Gin and Rum delivered to your door nation wide and tasting events throughout North Wales

How did this all start?

Well, Darren and Lesley Henson put their glasses together one night and talked about how great it would be to bring together a massive array of gins, every Prosecco we could find, all the accessories that go with both and then put it all in one place – Juniper Fizz was born! Further investigation opened up a whole new world of rum too so a simple gin and Prosecco idea started to grow.

Although we offer a huge range of products, we are still a very small company – in fact it’s just the two of us! This means that every product we offer and every order you make is very important to us, our aim is to be the best and we will achieve this through great quality products and great customer service.

We don’t intend to stock the normal everyday drinks you can buy from your local supermarket but there will be many gins that you will recognise. We want to help people find something different and try new flavours whilst building up a great collection at home.

More than just selling drinks we will be tasting as many as possible, we will be posting regular reviews on You Tube, Instagram and Facebook to help you widen your drinks horizons.

There are many microbreweries and local distilleries that produce amazing quality drinks with huge variations and we want to be part of their journey to your glass, it’s a passion of ours to get to meet the people who actually produce the drinks and dig into the story behind it (there is always a story behind a good drink!)

To be the best we need your feedback. We are always open to any feedback or ideas that will help us on our way to becoming THE place to go for your drink related wants and needs so we want to hear from you whether we’ve done well or could do better.

If you have a related product, you produce an outstanding beverage or know of something that we really should be stocking then please get in touch, the only way Juniper Fizz will succeed is to do it hand in hand with our customers.

Thank you for visiting us!
Darren & Lesley