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Colman Kayman HR Services Claimed

Bespoke advice & suppor - HR OUTSOURCING FLINTSHIRE

our purpose

Colman Kayman are a HR Consultancy North Wales. We know that as a busy professional your time is limited. Our purpose is to help our fellow SME’s in getting the employment side of things off to the right start because we know just how you work.

where we operate 

We started by providing HR Advice locally for North Wales. We are now branching out across the country because we provide many of our services remotely.

what makes us tick?

Due to the scrappage of the Employment Tribunal Fees in 2017, many companies are seeing a  rise in employees looking to take their employer to Employment Tribunals. This is because historically, it used to cost £1,200 to claim for unfair dismissal. Now it is free for the employee.

We know some of these cases are unwarranted. But as a result of the scrapped fees, employers usually end up paying hefty legal fees to fight the case in Tribunal or worse, they settle, even when they didn’t do anything wrong. The employee will probably make use of a no-win no-fee solicitor, which means they have no upfront costs or limitations.

how we help

We offer a unique HR bundle at an affordable, fixed rate. So, no matter how much you need us, you pay the same amount every month. We can help you get everything right from the start so, if you do end up at tribunal, you have evidence that you did everything by the book!

With Colman Kayman you have access to a qualified, experienced HR Advisor who provides onsite and remote support, so you are never on your own.

Whatever you need, from recruitment advice through to contract termination we can help!